Making Radish Kimchi

(POSTED: February 29, 2016)

SVKS Parents’ ” Radish Kimchi committee” has been helping students to make their own Radish Kimchi. By following the each step of the recipe, students found that making Kimchi is not much hard at all and to be proud of themselves with their own Kimchi. They were excited to share what they made with their…

Lunar New Year Festival

(POSTED: February 7, 2016)

 SVKS hosted its annual Luar New Year Festival on Fed. 6th Sat successfully with  about 1000 students and their parents. Participants enjoyed the Performance of Lion dance, Pulmulnori, Fan dance, Choir, Hanbok show. They also had chances to experience Korean traditional folk games such as Kite flying, Yutnori, Nuldduigi, ddakjuchigi, Jegichagi etc. One father who…

Lunar New Year Festival Feb. 6th

(POSTED: February 5, 2016)

SVKS is hosting annual Lunar New Year Festival on Feb. 6th. This year we are having Hanbok Show, Pulmul Nori, Korean Lion Dance performance along with various Korean Traditional hands-on games. The SVKS PTA is preparing Korean Food for students and families to enjoy!

Looking back 2015 in SVKS

(POSTED: December 31, 2015)

Thank you so much for your support to SVKS on 2015.  Please find some photos of SVKS during 2015 from the attached link. Thank you again and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Teacher Seminar on Korean History and Culture Nov. 7th

(POSTED: November 9, 2015)

The 8th annual Teacher Seminar on Korean History and Culture was held on Nov. 7th. Three professors, Dr. Bruce Cumings, Dr. Jinsu An, and Dr. Dafna Zur, gave lectures to the attending teachers about Korean War and its impact on Today’s East Asia, Recent Korean history through cinema, and Children’s literature of North and South…

Harvest Festival Celebration – Chuseok 09/26/15

(POSTED: October 1, 2015)

SVKS celebrated Chusoek, Harvest Festival, on Sept. 26th by hosting Mask Dance, Pansori, and Ip Dance performance. The performance was collaborated by Mesook Ko, SVKS percussion special class instructor along with young traditional performing artists visiting from Korea.  SVKS students had chances to try on spinning disc , Beona, after the show. Local seniors have…

Pledge Drive 2015-16

(POSTED: September 27, 2015)

Our deepest appreciation to those who participated on SVKS 2015-16 Pledge Drive. We have reached $2,006! Kyungchul Kim (Seoul 1-2), Ahyoung Cho, Seoyoung Cho ( Ele 3-1), Sunjae Hong (Pre-s 4), Joon Han (Ele 3-1), Taegyu Kim (Mid 1) Gyuhyun Lee (Seoul 3-2),  Eunyoung Chang ( Jr.High 2,3) Jaewon Choi (Kinder 3), Sol Han (…