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Graduation Requirement

(POSTED: October 7, 2017)

SVKS Graduation Requirement

  1. Once a student completes the Spring semester of their final year(High School Class, Seoul Joonghak2), they must complete the following to receive a graduation certificate or a certificate of completion.
  2. In order to graduate from SVKS, a student must have attended the school for more than 3 consecutive years. If the student attended SVKS for less than 3 years, they will receive a certificate of completion.
  3. In order to graduate from SVKS or complete the course of SVKS, the student must complete the following.
  •  Turn in an Essay on the form provided by the school by the end of April.
  •  Complete the Graduation Project.
  • Not be absent over 10 times a year.
  1. The graduating students who have attended SVKS for over 9 years will be awarded the King Sejong Scholarship certificate and the scholarship.
  2. If a student applies to be a SVKS volunteer after they complete or graduate from SVKS, they will be given priority acceptance. If they continue to volunteer throughout their senior year of high school, they will receive 100 additional service hours.

<Graduation Project>

–  Choose and perform more than 4 activities from the following list.

1)       Help at SVKS’s New Year’s Festival

2)       Help at SVKS’s Field Day

3)       Teach or present on Korean language and culture at a local community or school

4)       Participate in United through Korea

5)       Participate in Project Promote Korea

6)       Present at the annual [Explore Korea Project]