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Parent Announcement(3/7)

(POSTED: March 4, 2020)

1.  COVID-19 

  : Related to this, we will have an urgent board meeting this Thursday (3/5). I will announce the boards decision on Friday.

– If you or your family members recently went to Korea or any area with a high number of coronavirus cases, please quarantine yourself and your family at home for two weeks.

– If you have a fever or a cough, please rest at home and don’t come to school.

– As a precaution, we, the school, will enforce hand washing more strictly and restrict students from sharing food. We ask parents not to bring homemade snacks for the class, but instead provide individual snacks. If possible, please send individual snacks with your child for them to eat.

– New Guidance from the County of Santa Clara’s Public Health Department 

   => Latest Updated on COVID-19


2. [Yearbook] 

Please add the sentence in the google form to: The most comforting sentence to hear during the most difficult times. 20 of the parents who fill out the form will get a small present.

=> “The most comforting sentence~”


3. [Traffic Information]

SVKS parents will be able to use the Bethel Lutheran School parking lot (in front of the school across Finch Ave) between 9:15am and 1:15pm.  We wanted to let you know about turning left when leaving the parking lot near the swimming pool. The roads have been highlighted on a map of the school attached below. This is to improve the traffic flow around the school, so we hope that all the parents understand and follow our recommendations.

=> traffic map


4. [ Sunglasses and Reading Glasses Donations ] 

If you have sunglasses or reading glasses that you no longer use at home, we are accepting donations. The sunglasses are used very well in Cambodia, where the sunlight is very strong. Reading glasses are also high in demand. We are donating them to people in need, so please let the people around you know as well. If you bring them to the office, we will safely donate them.