2016-2017-pa-board-1 As in all non-profit organizations we rely on the dedication and willingness of parent volunteers who are willing to spend time and energy to enhance all aspects of school life and activities.
  1.  We cannot do it all by tuition alone. A motivated and dedicated team of parents on the Parent Association (PA) Board help facilitate interactions between parents and school administration by recruiting parent volunteers, coordinating volunteer activities, and also by being a forum for parents to voice their opinions, feedbacks, and ideas. We help with some fundraising efforts for the school as well as coordinating events at which our common Korean heritage and culture are being celebrated. Some of the major events are the Teacher Seminar (a forum for History teachers in American schools to learn about Korean History), the big New Year’s celebration at the school, and Field Day in spring. We also coordinate the school Cafe and a very successful effort launched last year to teach our kids how to make some yummy traditional Korean food like Kimchi.(Kimchi Committee)
We at the PA feel that the Silicon Valley Korean School is not only a school to learn Korean but also a gateway for our kids to understand and get to know our background, culture, and traditions.

We welcome all parents to ask questions or provide feedback by contacting one of the 3 officers of the PA listed below.
All officers are bilingual, so you can choose either Korean or English to contact them. We would also encourage all parents to attend the school orientation event in September and again at the beginning of the second semester for more information about the PA.
  •  President of the PA: Sunai Raillard (paboard@svks.org)
  • Vice-Presidents: Yujin Kim, Dooeun Choi