Living at the heart of the world’s IT industry, Silicon Valley Korean School students are growing up in an environment with incredible cultural diversity. Whichever career they pursue in the future, I hope they will take pride in their Korean cultural identity and draw strength from their heritage. To make this possible, we cultivate the following elements of our school.

1)  Community School: Silicon Valley Korean School is the biggest Korean school community in the world, with over thousand students, more than one hundred high school student/college student volunteers and over sixty staff members.

2)  Diverse Program Offerings: We seek to offer programs for all families interested in teaching their children Korean language and culture, regardless of their different needs. Our offerings include a ‘Saturday Program at Cupertino HS’, ’Weekday Program at the Homestead Campus’, ’ThursdayProgram at the Fremont Campus’, and various  ‘After-school Outreach Programs (Cherry Chase Elementary & Loyola Elementary).

3)  Eye level Curriculum: Our curriculum is divided into four groups. The ‘Kyopo Group’ uses textbooks made for oversea Korean students, the ‘Seoul Group’ uses textbooks for regular schools in Korea, the ‘Hanyoung Group’ uses both Korean and English’ in its instruction, and the newly formed ‘Youth Group’ involves a leadership program and SAT/TOPIC test preparation.

4)  Korean Spirit Awareness: Students learn about the meaning of the Korean flag and the Korean national anthem. They also learn about Korea’s independence history by commemorating the March 1st Movement (one of the major events in the Korean independence movement) which will encourage students to think about their ancestors’ strong will and spirit.

5)  Cultural Lessons: From the Harvest Day(Chuseok) Celebration to the New Year’s Day Festival, students celebrate  major Korean cultural holidays at school through a variety of cultural activities. They also experience school wide cultural lessons such as Kimchi making and music/taekwondo lessons.

6)  History Lessons: Students learn Korean history in the classroom, attend special history lessons, and also participate in the school wide History Quiz Bowl.

7)  Spreading Korea to Local Schools: We host an annual ‘Teacher Seminar on Korean History and Culture’ for local school teachers. It creates opportunities for our students to learn Korean history and culture from their regular school teachers.
As members of the SVKS staff, all of us will do our best to grow together with the Korean community. We are always open to your feedback and we thank you for all your support.

-Principal, Rosa Kim